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Trance Dance with Nirava

Friday 24 May 2024 08:30pm - 11:30pm
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Trance Dance with Nirava

May 24, 2024
from 8.30pm to 11.30pm

Reception at 8.00 pm
Event starts at 8.30pm
To participate, registration is required at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

What is Trance Dance?
Dance as a form of expression, as a vehicle for entering trance, dates back thousands of years. In fact, its roots go back forty thousand years, before the civilization of which we have evidence, to the times of our shaman and aboriginal ancestors.
Among the healing rituals practiced by shamans, Trance Dance is the open space through which the spirit celebrates the existence within us. Through Trance Dance we alter our consciousness and enter a new reality, what can be called "the world of the spirit", beyond time and space where everything is possible.
Through ancient patterns of breathing, movement and rhythm that have a direct effect on the brain, dancers begin to "see" with their senses rather than with their eyes. Images of other times and other forms are revealed and the dancers' consciousness is filled with the magical world of Spirit; while the body dances the soul travels through memories, regardless of the limits of this life, regardless of the limits of time and space.
Dance itself is rooted in the heart of every single individual.
In the ecstasy of dance the separation between this world and the other world is eliminated. Strong energy awakens, strong vitality expands, the body heals through movement.
Trance Dance induces respect, passion, love: the three essences of spirituality.
Anyone can do Trance Dance.
Dancing is one of the greatest joys in life, a true gift when you can do it naturally, without controlling your movements. Dancing, expressing emotions, laughing, singing, shouting are the ingredients of this trance dance, which allows you to come into contact with yourself, drawing on a primary source of psychophysical well-being
What are the benefits of Trance Dance
– greater awareness of your inner world
– A greater connection with the Divine
– Opening of the Heart
– Expansion of one's senses both internally and externally
– Greater vitality
- Power
– Rooting
– Greater wisdom
– Greater responsibility towards life
– Relaxation
– Confidence in the adventure of self-exploration
– Fluidity
– Celebration
– Greater confidence that the Spirit is real and not just a concept or dogmatic tradition
– Greater awareness of one's physical and metaphysical form
– Ecstasy
– Connection with the Elements
– Connection with Allies of the Animal, Plant and Mineral World
This ritual is open to everyone, both those who are approaching shamanism for the first time,
and to those who are already experts as long as they are already adults.

Info to get to CaSolare Chignoletti:
When you reach the beginning of via Valmora in Pontida, along the state road, you will find a large square on your left where, if you want to group up in car-sharing, you can park.
I advise you to reset the odometer at the square and follow the progressive distances which will serve you both as an indication and as a check that you are traveling on the correct road.
KM 0.00 square reset odometer
Continue on via Valmora
Km 0.30 roundabout continue straight
Km 0.60 take via Buonarroti on the LEFT and follow the asphalt road (if you end up in via Capietaglio passing in front of a small church you have made a mistake and you have to go back and take via Buonarroti)
Km 1.6 votive shrine on the left
1.7 km you pass through a narrow passage between houses of an ancient village
Continue climbing through the woods
2.3 km at the end of the asphalt road near pink and stone houses, take the private dirt road on the right with a no motorbike transit sign
after 200 m 2.5 km
be very careful and take the LITTLE ROAD on the LEFT uphill (go up with the chain link fence on your left) (if you mistakenly continue on the road and arrive at a barrier or someone else's house you have made a mistake and you have to go back),
Km 2.6 go up the hills and continue into the woods
2.8 km on the right you will find an open gate and you have finally arrived, enter and park or park beyond the gate at the end of the road just ahead.
When in doubt, always continue choosing the solution that seems the most difficult
For info and online assistance tel 331 3129298 Maurilio
Every journey is a discovery of oneself
Have a good trip
Location : Casolare Chignoletti Via Chignoletti Palazzago BG
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