By Train

From the F.S. station from Bergamo take the train to Lecco and get off at Pontida


From the F.S. station from Lecco take the train to Bergamo and get off at Pontida

and then

call Maurilio 3313129298 to be picked up.


By Car


Enter the link shown and the navigator will take you to Pontida, along via Valmora and via Buonarroti, it will make you cross a narrow passage in a small village and after a path in the wood it will lead you to a group of pink houses and you will take the private road unpaved on the right. You find yourself with a concrete wall on your left and hedges on your right. From this point, after 100 m, pay attention and take the FIRST steep LITTLE LEFT (go up having the fence on your left) (if you mistakenly continue on the road and arrive at a barrier or in someone else's house, you have made a mistake and have to go back) ,

go downhill and continue in the woods,
after 200 m on the right you will find an open gate and you have finally arrived, enter and park or park beyond the gate at the end of the road a little further on.

For any doubt, always continue by choosing the solution that seems the most difficult
For info and online assistance tel 331 3129298 Maurilio
Each journey is a discovery... Of oneself
Have a good trip


General indications

DETAILED driving directions

We get here then we go up together
Via Valmora Pontida

Otherwise you can come by train to Pontida

Then we will pick you up

For the navigator

Via Valmora, Pontida, BG

and after about a kilometer take the street on the left Via Michelangelo Buonarroti

or try putting on the navigator directly

Via Michelangelo Buonarroti 24030 Pontida BG

and then

Travel about a kilometer uphill
Pass through the narrow passage between the old village and continue until the asphalt road ends, then take the private dirt road on the right.
At the next crossroads, take the steep uphill road on the left and continue through the woods until the end of the road where you will find the car park and the gate of the farmhouse.