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From Saturday 29 October 2022 -  11:30am
To Tuesday 01 November 2022 - 04:00pm
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From Saturday 29 October to Tuesday 1 November 2022

If you are interested call me at 335 7796960 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A 4-day seminar dedicated to teaching the cyclical nature of the seasons, full of metaphors and meanings.
We will celebrate the New Year of Nature together on Monday 31st October
celebrating the Sahmain Wheel of the Year festival
in the enchanted magic of Casolare Chignoletti.
In these days, nature expands in the multicolored colors of autumn and will prepare itself for darkness and rest.
Apparently everything is preparing for sweet death: in the visible plane, the hours of darkness, the cold and the bare nature increase; but underneath, in the invisible plane, everything is preparing for the incubation of new life, which will manifest itself with the warmth of spring.
This is what we will try to experience through workshops in which we will use the art of Maieutics for an expanded awareness, and a theatrical workshop that will stage a story that speaks precisely of the rhythm of the seasons.
The Theater is well known ... provides for a listening and a choral feeling of the group and leads each person to contact the empathy and virtues necessary for the challenge of dressing up and staging a new role.
Maieutica is the art that allows you to explore everything that is already in us to make it manifest. The etymology of the word is "obstretrics", it is therefore a giving birth to, bringing out, what is already there.
The protagonist of this seminar is meditation with the practice of Yoganidra, a perfect metaphor of how much sleep and night contain a treasure that allows us to "go back inside" letting go of all the speed and hyperactivity that is required of us during the day.
Life is born in the dark.
Your deepest space in which your Sankalpa is contained is really dark, what is worth living for.
In this seminar we will join the rhythms of life, we will honor slowness, darkness and conscious sleep. We will bring the magic of the seasons to the stage.
We will do all this with different experiential forms:
- Pūjā and Rituals
- Meditations of Slowness
- Practice of Yoganidra
- Psychodrama
- Theater workshops
- Literary Reading

On Monday 31 October we will celebrate the Celtic New Year-Halloween, the time of the year when everything ends, but everything begins.
The end that contains the beginning, like death that contains life.
"You are the result of the love of many" ... We will bring gratitude to all our Ancestors, it is said that these days the veils between the worlds (life and death) are thinner and communication with those in invisibility is more simple.

Casolare Chignoletti is nestled in the Bergamo valleys, surrounded by woods and nothing else.
Here you can MAKE SPACE, putting aside all the distractions "that alienate you from life" to recover an authentic feeling.
What until today you hope to meet outside, you can begin to meet inside you.
The activities will start in the morning before breakfast and end with the after dinner readings.
Obviously, nothing is mandatory, stay in the present moment and participate according to your feelings.

The seminar starts at 11:30 on Saturday 29 October and ends at 16:00 on Tuesday 1 November,
at the Casolare Chignoletti in Palazzago (BG).
The cost is 500 euros, discounted to 420 euros for the first 5 registrations.
The price includes:
the activities,
the overnight stay (sheets and linen are to be brought),
breakfast, lunch and dinner (we will have a cook who will feed us with a loving vegetarian cuisine).
The cottage has shared rooms for 2 or 3 people, there are 3 shared bathrooms.
The spirit of sharing is already part of the seminar.
If you are interested call me at 335 7796960 or write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why attend a seminar?
I leave you as inspiration the Haikù, a Japanese metric of 17 syllables, of those who participated in the summer seminar:

- A unique and unforgettable experience

- Coloring the world brings us the sun and the moon

- Nature, sharing, heart, brings centering!

- I let myself be amazed by the wonder of the people

- Fourteen lights that sparkle in unison

- The strength to start rejoicing in trust

- Awakening, empathy, loving sharing

- Putting your heart into it always makes a difference in everything

- Welcoming and sharing feelings

- Seventeen syllables to say thank you very much for everything!

- From this seminar I received humanity

- I arrived crying, but I return laughing

- Interesting, constructive, fun, carefree

- A journey into listening and empathic confrontation


All activities are conducted by SIMONA and MARCELLO
Simona Pavesi, Maieutic relational counselor, meditation teacher and Yoganidra. Since 1993 she has brought her contribution to important creative teams in the fashion field, but her encounter with Nonviolence A was fundamental.

Location : Casolare Chignoletti Via Chignoletti Palazzago BG
Contact : Se ti interessa chiamami al 335 7796960 o scrivi a This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.