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TANTRIC DIMENSION: THE BREATH AND THE TOUCH 7/8 MAY experiential workshop Casolare Chignoletti Palazzago (LC)

From Saturday 07 May 2022 -  10:00am
To Sunday 08 May 2022 - 05:00pm
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7-8 May Casolare Chignoletti Palazzago (LC)

Info and registration:
Marina 327 099 3489


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TANTRA is an ancestral teaching, which opens us to totally new ways of perceiving Life, breath and the whole body. To ever deeper dimensions of pleasure, which also involve soul and spirit in a single perception.

One stage of the journey of exploration will be precisely to hone our skills in self-observation, both emotionally and physically. We will free the breath from blockages until it will return to fully supply all our organs. We will return to being vital and vibrant, our 'skin suit' will be more sensitive, receptive and open to exchange and relationships. As tools we will use bioenergetic exercises, Taoist techniques and circular breathing.

The other pillar of work on oneself will be the awakening of our original sexual energy. It usually lies dormant, nestled in the coccyx area at the base of the spine. It is that 'orgone' flow, made up of vibrations, of deep sweet tremors alternating with more intense shaking, which in the Tantric lineages is called KUNDALINI. As it passes through the meridians, it cleanses the body of blockages and toxins, brings pleasure and then peace to our cells.

The Tantric touch approach and the massage maneuvers for unlocking will be accurately transmitted.

The tantric journey takes place in two: the starting point is the liberation from one's taboos, distinguishing the inherited points of shame and desire from the innate ones. By letting go of fashions and tendencies towards forced transgression and useless mentalisms. The point of arrival is to savor the inner space of CONSCIOUS RECIPROCITY, gradually becoming familiar with it until you are able to remain stable and centered in that flow of energy.

It is obviously not necessary to be in a fixed or monogamous couple to participate in this wonder, in which we must learn to dissolve the most rational and logical part of our mind. Although certainly those who live in couples can greatly benefit from this 'work' for the quality of the relationship, the deepening of the levels of pleasure, etc. But it is enough that the two people are friends, share affinities, trust each other, nothing more!

It is also useful to point out that each monogamous couple then has its own boundaries (accepted by both) in exposing themselves to the experience, in navigating the adventure, etc. Each relationship is a world unto itself, has its own evolution and those limits will always be respected during group sessions, unless the individual himself declares an interest in transcending them.

It is also important to know from the outset that this is an approach that mixes two-person work with social, group work. So the two partners, whether they are friends or as a couple, will work half the time together with those who have signed up and entered the experiential journey. And for the other half, going to explore contact with other energies, always respecting the conditions declared by each one.

The overnight stay is provided in rooms with different solutions, in double, quadruple, etc. The advice is to book the preferred solution in time.

Info and registration:
Marina 327 099 3489


Location : Casolare Chignoletti Via Chignoletti Palazzago BG
Contact : Info and registration: Marina 327 099 3489